turn you pen into a phone


The Jackpen is an innovative and precise design of pen which clicks securely into the standard 3.5mm heaphone socket found on most mobile phones.

The pen is stored with the nib hidden inside the earphone socket when not in use, protecting the nib and also acting as a cap on the socket to prevent dirt and lint build up. The rounded non-writing end protudes a mere 5mm when in the stored position. If you are using a phone cover, it may not even protude at all.

A groove in the non-writing end allows the pen to be removed from the socket, and then the pen is reversed so that the non-writing end is pushed into the earphone socket, with the writing nib end now an extension of the phone body itself. Hold the phone like a pen - and just write as normal !

Handy for any time you need to have a pen to make notes, fill out forms, write address or phone details - in fact any time you need a pen.

Jackpens are manufactured in a variety of coloured bodies, including Classic Black, White, Pink, Red, Blue, Gold. All Jackpens write with a viscous ballpoint ink in the professionally and legally preferred colour of Black. Testing routinely achieves 30metres (100 feet) of write out.

At present, pens are available in a variety of blister packs which contain of 3 pens per pack. The packs come with a hanger hole for hangning on retail racks. We also provide retailers with Counter-Top Display Boxes to hold the blister packs.